Saturday, March 3, 2018

Meet the Company That’s Making Gun Barrels Great Again

Meet Rosco Manufacturing hailing from Central Falls, RI:

Rosco ManufacturingWe are Americans by birth, shooters by right, and rebels by choice. We believe in the idea of building a product that we would be proud to run our self. We are also shooters that understand the importance of trusting in a product that one day may be called upon for duty on our frontlines, serve a vigilant watch in our communities, or protect our most precious resources at home. Our commitment to quality doesn’t finish at the end of our shift, it extends into our lifestyle. It is something that we constantly strive to improve upon and perfect as artisans of our trade. From our in-house manufactured rifle barrel blanks, barrel extensions, and gas blocks to our stringent quality control standards. A few things that we can guarantee are that we are the only hands that built your new product and that they didn’t go out the door until we were happy with the end result. We are feared by our competitors, loved by our dealers, and trusted by our end user. We are Rosco...
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