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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"We are Ready to Upchuck!" Tea Party, ATL GA!

Sharon, a BLACK sister, expresses what we've all been experiencing: A smorgasbord of corruption under Obama that compels us to get up out of our chairs to upchuck all over the place. We can't take much more of their junk! And regarding the sick, twisted lies concerning racism and hate in the tea party movement: "It doesn't matter what you call us, only what we answer to!" "citizens and patriots of these here United States!" The people of America are waking up!!!

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Papa Ray said...

Outstanding. This lady has it together and is not afraid to tell you.

We must all stand up and get on the line to protect our Republic. We can no longer sit and watch or ignore the destruction of our wonderful nation.

Get out and talk to not only your neighbors but volunteer to help get out the vote. To help make sure people are registered and have a way to get to the polls.

The democrats and enemies of our Republic have billions to spend to buy their votes. But we have good people who will defeat them if only they stand up and get out and help in any way they can. Volenteer and get on the line to defeat our enemies. And yes, that is what they are. NOT opponents but enemies.

If you won't do it for yourself, do it for our children and their children and the following generations of Americans.

If we don't stop them now with our votes, we may not be able to stop them by our votes ever again.

Also be villigent at the polls. Report and film and record any attempts to falsify or intimidate.

It will come down to something no one wants if we can't stop them with our efforts and votes.

But either way Americans will not let these enemies from within and without destroy our America.

Papa Ray

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