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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sarah Palin Airport Incident!

Valdez Airport, Alaska, Aug 17th:
Sarah and Todd Palin confront "Hawk" a local skate board shop owner as he videotapes them in the airport lobby. Sarah has Todd take a picture with Hawk, who is literally shaking from the realization that perhaps he should not be videotaping them, even though he won't stop!


Bushwack said...

Okay, How do you handle that situation? Sarah is a public figure, she should expect to be on camera anywhere she goes. IS it right? HELL NO. IS it RUDE? HELL YES it is.

I give HUGE KUDO's to Todd. My wife being video'd in that manner...I can truly say without reservation that idiot would have stopped taping and I would be in jail. Bailed out immediately and finding out where the fkr lived.

Dittos Rush! said...

Agreed! He SHOULD have at the very least put the camera down when questioned, and I DO think Sarah should have been a bit more "condemning" earlier on in the conversation! A photo would have been expected but not this manner of video ogling!


Mac said...

if she would have a Secret Service detail guarding her ... he would of been tackled for stalking and nervous behavior ... can't play it too safe with nut bags running around today.

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