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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Laura Ingraham Show - Tim Pawlenty!

Responding to Huckabee's advice that he should fire some of his advisers following Monday's debate:

@1:38 - "Well the main focus of the debate for me was the question about what about RomneyCare and ObamaCare and their overlap and I tried to keep the focus initially on ObamaCare bu obviously the question was directly related about the comparison between the two and my earlier comments on it and since then I have said look, I should have been more direct and more clear that you cannot have a nominee who is going to prosecute one of the main political charges against the president, namely ObamaCare and have that person be a co-conspirator in developing and constructing the program."

@2:28 - Laura: "You weren't intimidated by having Romney standing there were you?"
Pawlenty: "No, I thought at the time I think it was just an incomplete answer and I should have been more direct."

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