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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Manchester, NH: Run Sarah, Run!

Behind the scenes at the Tea party Express event 9/5/11 in Manchester, NH. with Governor Palin.

You’re doing it Tea Party Americans. You are allowing and creating the real change that is needed. The Tea Party is about independent, common sense, Constitutionalists who love this country in good times and in tough times, who are always proud of America, and who never apologize for the red, white, and blue. It’s Tea Party Americans who are making the change that is needed. 
(Scroll down for complete audio of speech)

During her speech Supporters chant "Run Sarah Run".
Everyone wants a picture with Sarah.
Sarah and Todd Palin deal with an amazing array of people after her speech. Lamestream Media sound bite: Thoughts from your average TEA partier.
An interesting license plate collection.
Enjoy this 11 minute audio clip of the entire event.

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