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Sunday, April 15, 2012

President Obama: The Speech Recycler!

YouTuber Truthseeker2112 took the time to edit together this little beauty, and did a great job. Events which span a long period of time have a much greater impact when presented together in context.

Obama Goes 'Green'... By Recycling Speeches From The past 3 Years! Same speech, different year! Pick the topic and Barack has a speech for it! Unfortunately, it seems his speech writers are getting very lazy. In his defense, I'm sure Obama would say...I didn't say that, it was on my teleprompter, or I didn't write it, I only read it and then he would blame Bush! But speeches aren't the only thing Obama is recycling, He's also recycling economic policies from the now defunct USSR and soon to collapse European Union! How lucky we all are to have him.... not!

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