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Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows!

The Super Bowl is up to a hefty challenge every year: Keep television audiences glued to their couches and thoroughly entertained. Since sometime around the mid 80's, the halftime show began to take on a life of its own as more and more importance was assigned to wrangling the biggest names in popular music while ensuring spectacular, mesmerizing performances that would discourage bathroom breaks and beer runs. Some shows lived up to the challenge, while others were either cheesy, dull, or downright mortifying (Lest we not forget 1992 when The Judds and Travis Tritt committed heinous fashion crimes that had everyone cringing, or Janet Jackson's controversial boob-bearing act that made millions of viewers temporarily lose their eyesight in 2004). Alas, these and other blunders are tempered by some really rockin' performances. Watch on to recount the greatest hits of NFL halftime show history.

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