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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rush reads his WSJ Op-Ed to the President!

Rush reminded us of his Feb. Wall Street Journal Op-Ed today:

"You have singled me out directly, admonishing members of Congress not to listen to my show. Bill Clinton has since chimed in, complaining about the lack of balance on radio. And a number of members of your party, in and out of Congress, are forming a chorus of advocates for government control over radio content.....


James Carville (The "Forehead") followed up with his "response".

Commentary: A history lesson for Rush Limbaugh

"On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh, the moral and intellectual leader and most influential person in the Republican Party in the United States, wrote in the august op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal....."


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1 comment:

Horatio said...

Rush Limbaugh writes much better than his public rhetoric would indicate. I think he writes with clarity, his positions for the most part are reasonable and understandable -- of course, within the context of a conservative’s point of view.

Having said that, however, his public rhetoric is precisely rant, and bombastic. His radio show, public appearances, his speech at this year’s Republican National Convention, is where he seems to wear a different hat, although still conservative, by going ballistic with a conservative tantrum and a great deal of hyperbole.

Rush Limbaugh has a lot to offer to the conservative viewpoint if he would just refrain from his radio style and adopt his writing style in rhetoric form in all his work. Of course, his writing style does not lend itself very well to radio discourse that would garner entertaining viewer participation and maintain or increase his program ratings.

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