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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rush's list of great web links, stories, accurate portrayals, and reactions to his NFL fiasco!

"They come from all across the media spectrum and are either very supportive of me or very accurate in reporting what I said on Thursday." -Rush
» David Limbaugh: This Isn't About Rush
» Power Line: What's Divisive?
» NYP, Mushnick: Revs. Don't Always Rush to Judge
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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi James! This is a great post and very well researched and put together. Your blog is a great resource for all things Rush! Thank God for great Patriots like him....and yourself.

Thanks for linking and following my humble, humous blog ;-) I have done the same with yours.
We have to try and keep smiling and find a little fun with all the daily horrors we are being bombarded with. I appreciate your kind comment. God Bless!

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