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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will Electoral Losses Renew Democratic Push for Fairness Doctrine?

"In part because of Drudge...we now have a Republican senator from the state of Massachusetts."
Do the Deomcrats think that free speech is overrated?

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Samuel Gonzalez said...

Liberal radio is depressing. All they do is gripe,gripe, gripe about they considerto be injustices accroding to their won warped sense of reality.

Nobody wants to hear mean-spiritness 24/7 which is why it always fails in the free market.


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Maggie M. Thornton said...

I definitely think the No-Fairness Doctrine is on the Dems radar. They don't need legislation for it. The FCC can make it happen, and when it does it will go far beyond what we have understood to be THE doctrine in the past.

I don't think they will go the way the man in the video is indicating. Could be wrong, of course:-)

I can see White station owners loosing their licenses right and left and if you are a successful male Black or Hispanic, you might lose you license too, to make room for the ladies.

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