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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rush recap January 13, 2010!

Coakley Thug Roughs Up Reporter
Video: Someone with the Coakley campaign shoves WEEKLY STANDARD reporter outside of a Capitol Hill fundraiser.

Another Buy-Off: Unions Strike Deal for Health Care Tax Exemption
Unions tentatively struck a deal Tuesday to exempt collectively bargained healthcare plans from a tax on high-cost plans expected to be used to help raise revenue for the healthcare overhaul.
Five Years Later, Embryonic Stem Cells Have Failed to Cure Anything
This is what happens when you politicize science: $3 billion flushed away.
Investor's Business Daily: California's Proposition 71 Failure
Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed.
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1 comment:

Payablesmg.com said...

Well here is the deal.

Scott Brown is the 41st senator in 2010. no doubt.

As far as the rest of the dems go in congress, have you ever seen "The Last emperor in China?"

The Chinese revolution was raging right outside the emperors castle and inside the emperor (Obama) and his court (Pelosi/Reid et al.) were drowning in opulence.

I submit that the Obama revolution is within days of a total collapse never to return again.

This is the democrat's Eastern Front of World War II.

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