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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peter Schiff - A conservative we need in the Senate!

Peter Schiff is running for a U.S Senate seat in Connecticut and wants to get our country’s fiscal house in order. According to his website, here is a brief bullet list of how he intends to begin:

-No More Bailouts: Peter Schiff Was a Vocal Critic of the $ 700 Billion Bailout Package (TARP) & Will Always Oppose Government Handouts
-Impose a Hard Cap on the National Debt to Control Government Spending
-End All Pork Barrel Spending & Congressional Earmarks
-Oppose Obama’s “Stimulus Package” that Puts America Deeper in Debt

In this video shot in West Hartford, Ct., Schiff says "At this point I think the stakes are too high. I find it hard to remain a spectator and just watch this trainwreck happen.....The government is growing like a cancer at this point and it's sucking the life blood out of the economy! Who provides the lifeblood of the American economy? The private sector! Peter reminds us that "The average federal worker now earns 60% more than the private sector worker." This is not sustainable if the private sector continues to shrink causing tax revenues to dry up.

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1 comment:

Mammal said...

He'd be great in the Senate, but what are his chances now that Dodd isn't running?

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