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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CommieTunes presents: Ultimate Healthcare!

In defense of socialized medicine...er...um...I mean healthcare reform, here are various clips from defenders and objectors of the "faith", including: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Alan Keyes, Dana Rohrabacher, Ronald Reagan, Michele Bachman, Max Baucus, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Sebelius, We the People, Howard Dean & the adorable Nancy Pelosi. All of your favorite reform terminology is included: Healthcare Reform, Reconciliation, Health Care, Socialized Healthcare, Socialist Healthcare, Obamacare, Crown Jewel of Socialism & Healthcare Town Hall to name a few.

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InHonorOfTerri said...

The harder humblegunner works to prevent people from reading your blog, the more determined I am to read it. Are you paying him to increase your hits?

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