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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Democrats Launch Anti-Tea Party Strategy!

With this ad paid for by the DNC, we begin to get a picture of the Democrat's strategy for this election year: conflate the GOP and the Tea Party, then trash the Tea Party. The Dems are also circulating what they call the the Republican Tea Party Contract on America, a set of 10 principles that encapsulate "the blueprint for how they would govern." The DNC’s list combines perfectly legitimate political viewpoints ideas with patently absurd ones.

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1 comment:

Webmaster said...

These are all lies of course.

And now that we find out that BIG OIL really are the ones writing Cap and Tax bills and funding eco-terrorism, well well.

Democrats have Soros and those nutjobs funding them, so they can't really talk now can they? I mean Obadma is following Soros' utopian agenda to "T".


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