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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gibbs Stumped on Immigration Question!

White House reporter to Press Secretary Gibbs: If AZ law is unconstitutional because immigration laws are federal issues, then what about all of the "Sanctuary City" laws?

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marty said...

I guess some "answer to that" is better than none. If Gibbs needs help here are a few he could pull out:

1. Just like the rest of the nation, DOJ has cut staff for budget reasons, so we must cherry pick the best case for efficiency reasons.

2. Our prosecutors have family in AZ, so we are able to double-up, so to speak, overtime with family time, which makes our federal workforce more productive. That's not the situations in those other cities you mention.

3. I thought the tough questions died with Helen Thomas. Who do you think you are, you little squirt.

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