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Thursday, July 8, 2010

MSNBC Fill-In Host Absurdly Claims Again: Obama a 'Republican President'!

For the second day in a row, liberal talk show host and MSNBC guest anchor Cenk Uygur pushed the outlandish notion that President Obama is a conservative. Filling in on July 7 for Dylan Ratigan on his 4 p.m. show, Uygur exclaimed, "I didn't realize we voted for a Republican president!" (Newsbusters)

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John Wolfe said...

Cenk is obviously not saying that Obama "is" a republican. He is saying that his policies appear to be more conservative than liberal. More like Bush.

jcnorheim said...

Compare Obama to the politicians of Western Europe!

There's no question that almost all parties in Western Europe are more liberal than Obama.

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