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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Libtalker Meltdown Over Obama Poll Collapse: 'Americans Are Spoiled'!

In the face of ominous poll data splashed on the front page of today's Washington Post, libtalkers were in a tough position today. But only ultra-partisan Democratic Party crony Bill Press could manage to blame voters for Obama's failure to thrive. Here's the former CNN host during today's syndicated radio program:
"I think this says more about the American people than it does about President Obama. I think it just shows once again that the American people are spoiled."

Source: http://radioequalizer.blogspot.com/
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1 comment:

EricTheRed said...

Spoken like a typical liberal elitist. The masses don't like the Marxist-socialist crap being forced down their throats? Then there's something wrong with THEM.

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