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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sestak on Pelosi's Liberalism!

At the PA press club (Sestak, Dem. for Senate):
Reporter: "Do you consider Pelosi a liberal, and how different is your voting record from hers?"
Sestak: "I never look at her record, I vote as I should. I'll stand up against the interests of my party...This is about solving problems not labeling somebody else!"
Speaks for itself, doesn't it!

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1 comment:

Bushwack said...

I'd love to "Discuss the Issues" with him...Problem is, as soon as you bring up FACTS like; 17 months after Obama was elected and we are still at 9 to 10% unemployment after all the money spent, what's the next plan? The answer is always...Well, if you weren't a racist...or Look GWB left us in a mess....Which is not totally untrue. GWB did leave a mess. BUT it's not as bad as the one Reagan to deal with and 17 months is all it took to turn it around.

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