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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CNN Uses Profanity-Laced ANONYMOUS Quote To Smear Palin!

"And in a delicious piece of irony, after showing the quote on the air the CNN's anchors piously question Vanity Fair reporter Michael Joseph Gross on the journalistic ethics of using the exact same quote in his article." (Breitbart)

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Bushwack said...

What I notice is a media that is so scared of Sarah Palin it's funny. I also notice a media that is willing to turn over every morsel of info on this woman, yet didn't bother researching ANYTHING of substance about our current POTUS.

Personally, I think every so-called journalist that carries water for Obama should be lined up and shot for treason. That's how bad they mislead the public and that's how we ended up on this path to destruction.

Dittos Rush! said...

Truth will eventually win out, and the Dems are far from it in so many instances! Thanks for the comment!

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