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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The 'We Won't Fly' Plan for Defeating TSA Porno-Scanners and Airport Rent-a-Gropers!

Brought to you by: http://wewontfly.com/. They are presently "campaigning" for the following:
Stop flying. Hit the airlines in the wallet until the porno-scanners are gone. If you must fly, opt out for your own health and privacy. Overwhelm the gropers until they rollback the madness. Meanwhile write letters, send emails, make phone calls, tweet and post on facebook. In other words, raise all hell.

Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up!
The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus. When she asked some question about what they planned to do to her, they flipped out. TSA agents yelled at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called in 12 local Miami cops and finally escorted her out of the airport. Listen to her story as she told it on radio show Free Talk Live last night.

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SPN Headlines said...

The TSA launched their Program to Examine Random Voyagers (PERV) this morning. SHOCKING story at:


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