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Friday, November 26, 2010

Workers World Party poem - "I got my scope on you Tea Party Fascists"!

Just when you thought we were well out of the Halloween season here comes Mike Martinez speaking at the Workers World Party 2010 National Conference Opening Plenary Session Nov. 13-14. Joy of joys (cough, cough). The conference boldly called to the broader movement with the theme of “Abolish Capitalism, Fight for a Socialist Future.” Mr. Martinez wants to "kick some asses to make America classless and bring socialism out of the ashes." Some 300 Party members, friends and allies received the message with apparent glee. Gee, what a crowd. Anybody got 300 one way tickets to Moscow? http://www.workers.org/2010/us/wwp_conference_1125/

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1 comment:

Freedomlover said...

The lamestream folks will spend hours wringing their hands in anquish over the threat posed by those radical teabaggers but never utter a breath about wannabe terrorists like this goon!

As for scoping out the Tea Party this guy better be careful if he shows up at a Tea Party event somebody might just jack him instead!

On top of every thing else this nut is a racist

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