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Monday, February 7, 2011

Licensing Gone Wild: Oregon Bureaucrats Shut Down 82-Year-Old Barber!

An 80-year-old barber cutting hair for 50 years now is told he has to go back to school. He says the state never warned him his license was about to expire.

Americans have a constitutional right to earn a living in the occupation of their choice, free from unreasonable government interference. What happened to this man is the very definition of unreasonable.

A properly engaged judiciary, is one that takes rights seriously, including the right to earn a living. And it says to government officials you have to treat people reasonably, you have to respect their constitutional right to earn a living. The Institute for Justice created the Center for Judicial Engagement to educate the public about the importance of an engaged judiciary that will protect our constitutional rights including the right to earn a living. And when we succeed, what you saw in this case the State of Oregon putting a man out of business who's been cutting hair for 50 years.

Source: http://www.ij.org

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