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Friday, February 4, 2011

Rush Limbaugh on the Golf channel talks cochlear implants and AM radio!

Rush Limbaugh shows Hank Haney the first AM transmitter he used to broadcast his first radio show when he was a child.

Radio host and Hank Haney's newest project Rush Limbaugh is completely deaf, and can only hear through the use of his cochlear implant. He takes a break from practicing to explain to Hank how it works.

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Edie said...

The most incredible thing about the two clips here (the one talking about being a live radio broadcaster when he was 9 and the clip explaining about cochlear implants) is that his WHOLE life is about radio signals. He played with radio transmission as a kid, as an adult he uses radio as the medium of his career, and the way he hears at all is through a cochlear implant which communicates sound to him via a FM signal. He's a broadcaster by profession but without radio transmission he himself would be deaf to the outside world. Incredible!

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