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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Date set for the end of the world!

I posted the following at my Hubpage yesterday and also wanted to share it with my Dittos Rush friends here:

The boys over at www.familyradio.com claim that we all have an appointment with our eternal destiny on May 21, 2011, guaranteed …..or your tithe back! The Family Radio broadcasting ministry has posted a host of billboards with the warning note “Judgment Day, May 21, The Bible Guarantees It!”  They also posted this video on YouTube (on right margin) on June 7, 2009 to further advertise the event. Sadly, those who were not previously aware of this information now only have precious days to get their affairs in order.
In 1994, Harold Camping made his first prediction concerning the end of the world. However when the world refused to cooperate with Mr. Camping he simply said that he was wrong due to “mathematical miscalculation”. No doubt he’s calculated correctly this time (wink, wink). So just how did Camping arrive at his latest conclusion? If you simply must know,International Business Times has all the facts and figures over at the examiner.com.

Who really knows?
Since Mr. Camping was incorrect in 1994, he automatically falls into the false prophet category and according to the instruction of Deuteronomy 13:3, his teachings should be avoided at all costs. Remarkably, he claims to believe the Bible, yet seems to flatly ignore one of the most popular books in the Bible which provides crystal clear focus regarding the end times scenario. Jesus speaking in Matthew 24:35-36 says- " Heaven and earth will pass away , but My words will notpass away . But of that day and hour no one knows , not even the angels ofheaven nor the Son , but the Father alone .” Nobody knows the hour, day, month or year, not even Jesus. Now if anybody is an authority on who does know, it’s Jesus, not Mr. Camping or anyone else for that matter.
Jesus continues in Matthew 24:14-  And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” There, that’s when it will happen and it will come in a blink of an eye. I’d be curious to know how Mr. Camping is confident that the gospel of the kingdom has now been fully preached in all the world. Only God can know this.
Man will never stop guessing!
Yet there remains another prediction trailing right behind Mr. Camping’s proclamation. According to the Mayan calendar, the world will come to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012. Ironically enough, this was proclaimed at the following website:
Why does man continue to play the end times guessing game? My guess in the almighty dollar! All this attention sells books and videos to people who are quickly deceived by these sideshow peddlers, whom as we’ve seen the Bible clearly contradicts. It’s been written down for a few thousand years now for all to see and has not changed. For, "All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever." 1 Peter 1:25 And it has! Now you know the truth and are without excuse. You would be wise to test all things and hold fast to the good!
A selected few end time quotes from the bowels of history!
AD 992- A rumour that the end would come when the feast of the Annunciation coincided with Good Friday. This happened in 992, when Easter fell on March 22, and eager calculators established that the world would end before three years had passed. --Apoc pg 50-51
AD 1284- Pope Innocent III predicted the end of the world in the year 1284, 666 years after the founding of Islam.
AD 1874- Charles Taze Russell, founder of what would become the Jehovah's Witnesses, first announced that the Last Days had definitely begun in 1874, then that the end would come in 1914. Succeeding Witnesses placed the date in 1925, 1936, 1953, 1973... --99R pg 20
AD 1973- The "Children of God" cult claimed that its leader, David Berg, was "God's end-time prophet to the world." They fled America in 1973 due to Berg's prediction that Comet Kohoutek would destroy the country. --99R pg 117
AD 1982- Full-page advertisements in many major newspapers for the weekend of April 24-25, 1982, announced: "The Christ is Now Here!" and predicted that he was to make himself known "within the next two months." That date passed, but the Tara Centers that placed the ad said that the dalay was only because the "consciousness of the human race was not quite right..." --99R pg 154-155
AD 1994- Arab Christian prophet Om Saleem claimed that the antichrist was born November 23, 1933, that his unveiling would come in 1993 and the rapture in 1994. --99R pg 149
An exhaustive list can be found here:http://www.armageddononline.org/failed_armageddon1.php
I close with one of my favorite end time quotes:
What's going to happen is, very soon, we're going to run out of petroleum, and everything depends on petroleum. And there go the school buses. There go the fire engines. The food trucks will come to a halt. This is the end of the world.
KURT VONNEGUT, JR., Rolling Stone , Aug. 24, 2006

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