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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unemployment Hits 9.2%; Obama Blames… Everyone Else!

H/T breitbart.tv:
Greece, natural disasters, high gas prices, state budget cuts, Wall Street and uncertainty about the debt ceiling were all cited by the president as reasons for the horrible employment situation. He then called for increased "investments".

Use of a teleprompter when coupled with the human factor can bring forth unexpected, enjoyable results for the viewer. The next few minutes features President Obama experiencing an unfair share of difficulties with his grumpy, uncooperative teleprompter. He is followed by a few surprises from several other familiar media figures!


joetote said...

Has anyone noticed the absolute disdain that seems to emanate from this man? His contempt and disinterest of not only the public, but the country's fiscal disaster, it's lack of respect now around the world and in general his open hostility to anyone who refuses to get on board with his apparently planned destruction of our ideals and economy is there for all to see. In his face, the hatred for this country comes out every time he addresses the nation!

People have been calling him the boy president. One should note that is completely wrong! This man is an openly hard core Soviet Style Socialist who's open despite for this nation is apparent. Like the old USSR leaders, he doesn't give a damn about the jobless rate or anything else. Only holding onto his power and delivering this country lock stack and barrel to his handlers ion the hard left will satisfy this clown!
All one has to do is look and listen!

Mediaspin! said...

Well said, brother!

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