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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Portland vs Christians: "F the Bible"!

On October 24, 2011, some Christians came down to the Occupy Portland camp area to spread the word of the Bible and Jesus. A group of 30-50 Occupy Portland protestors came out to debate and argue with the Christian gentlemen. The Portland Police, Oregon State Police, and Multnomah County Sheriff officers were present to ensure everyones safety, which they did a great job.

As the time went by the Occupy Portland protestors started to yell obscenities to the Christians, and started disrespecting them by shouting "HAIL SATAN", "F the Bible", and other very offensive things directed toward religion and these Christians.

The Christian eventually left peacefully, however some of the Occupy Portland protestors continued to follow and harass the Christians. This took place for two and a half blocks downtown Portland and 2 cracked out bums associated with the Occupy Portland group tried to start physical violence against the Christians. No fighting took place thankfully, but the Occupy Portland protestors who followed the Christian members even tried to follow the Christians into their place of business to continue the harassment.  YouTuber: antioccupyportland

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