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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Defining Democracy- A brief essay!

In the United States, democracy is reflected via equal opportunity with consensus of rights as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights as established by our Founding Fathers. It is made manifest by way of elected officials entrusted to represent the collective whole of American society. It is distilled and advanced through the protective balance between our three branches of Government. “We the people” are custodians of the government; it was not designed to be an entity without representation or autonomy.

So long as equal opportunity is in place, democracy should not progress to incorporate special rights solely to benefit select groups, whether affluent or underprivileged. Democracy should not punish achievement due to personal financial accomplishment by means of inequitable taxation, nor should it financially compensate failure due to negligent behavior or poor financial management. Ultimately all contemporary matters of democracy should be subject to jurisprudence, our Constitution and the inalienable rights given by our Creator.

Democracy in action is reflected by the responsibility of every citizen to make a good faith effort in becoming educated to a level which enables them to contribute to the welfare of the common good. Additionally, citizens should actively hold their local government accountable to the promises she makes and diligently participate in the choice of their elected representatives at the appointed times or remain without recompense.

Outside the United States of America, democracy is solely at the mercy of the government as defined and instituted by the nation it inhabits. 

James R. 1/17/2012

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