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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ron Paul Supporter Arrested Outside St. Charles County, Mo.!

As if the presidential campaign hasn't been chaotic enough in Missouri this year, the Republican caucus at a gymnasium in St. Charles County was shut down on Saturday after a rowdy disturbance. Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul allegedly yelled objections to decisions made by caucus organizers to ban recording devices. St. Peters police arrested two of them after numerous warnings to leave the school property.
Brent Stafford, was arrested outside the gym after he and others tried to convene a meeting of their own after the official caucus adjourned. According to the Post-Dispatch, Kenneth Suitter was arrested while he was videotaping the event. A caucus rule bars videotaping and other recording devices. Brent Stafford of O'Fallon, a county GOP committee member and a leader in Paul's county campaign, and Kenneth Suitter of St. Charles County were charged with trespassing, a municipal ordinance violation, and released.   YouTuber AG3NTANTHRAX

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