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Monday, March 5, 2012

The top ten negative ad spenders during the 2012 campaign!

Time to show you the money. Here are the top ten negative ad spenders in the 2012 campaign as of late at $530 per ad spot, on average including percent of negative ad expenditure:
  1. Restore Our Future (Pro-Romney) $16,324,750- 100%
  2. American Crossroads / Crossroads GPS $11,376,230- 100%
  3. Americans for Prosperity $7,193,160- 100%
  4. Mitt Romney $6,369,830- 57%
  5. Winning Our Future (Pro-Gingrich) $2,680,100- 75%
  6. Red, White, And Blue Fund (Pro-Santorum) $2,249,770- 91%
  7. Make Us Great Again (Pro-Perry) $1,676,230- 77%
  8. Rick Perry $1,656,310- 60%
  9. Ron Paul $1,628,770- 58%
  10. Rick Santorum $1,364,620- 100%
Source and complete list: Kantar Media/CMAG. Updated March 1, 2012.

Folks, that's a conservative (no pun intended) $45 million. On average, positive ads ran about 24% with negative ads rounding out about 76%. We're not talking about a politically biased expenditure here. Democrats engage in the same tactics themselves in order to win votes.

So what could that $45,000,000 consumed during several mere weeks have been spent on instead?
  • About 75 million cans of soup.
  • About 12 million gallons of gasoline.
  • About 5000 heart transplants.
  • About 1,500 four year public college degrees.  
  • About 416 average priced homes according to recent numbers from the Atlanta Board of Realtors.
You get the point. It's crazy and Americans should stand up and say enough already. Candidates: Tell us what YOU are going to do for us and never mind anybody else's business. If you do not yet have ample accomplishments accumulated that we would care hearing about, then get busy and accomplish something!

Ask your candidate to condemn any negative Super PACS advertising in political campaigns. When it comes down to the wire between the final candidates, then you can start debating all your little issues on live national television for the world to see and you to defend.

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