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Monday, October 22, 2012

The clouded mind of an Obama Kool-Aid drinker!

The following is a Facebook conversation I recently had with an Obama Kool-Aid drinker named Steve. It occurred after the first Presidential debate. During this salient part of the conversation we happened to be discussing the video from the Rose Garden on Sept. 12th 2012. It is self explanatory and quite amusing:

Steve Mitt blew it last night. Especially the part about the President not calling it terrorism in Libya when he clearly did. Mitt was off his game the rest of the night. He also doesn't like listening to women like Candy when they tell him his time is up. A big bully and not the way we need to go.
James You mean a big bully like Joe Biden the week before? Give me a break. Romney simply answered the questions asked him and corrected Obama’s continual misrepresentations. He didn't blow anything. Libya: At the funeral several days after the attacks the President, Hillary and everyone else in the administration blamed the video over and over and over. They said specifically that it was NOT a terrorist attack. These facts are indisputable. The President is accountable for these deaths.
Steve Mitt will lose big in November, my friend. And after he does, it will be interesting to see all the jobs he doesn't create with all his wealth.
James This is the result of way too much MSNBC Obama Kool-Aid! Steve, c'mon at least try to be objective. I will admit that O put on a better debate....but he argued the SAME talking points and his attacks on Romney were misplaced. Does Obama really expect to win by slamming Romney with his 47% comment? Romney said multiple times he wants 100% of the population to succeed and prosper. The President ignored this and shot his 47% load anyway.
Steve True, James, but the fact is Mitt did talk about the 47% as if they were vermin (which, in his eyes they are). A man that rich just cannot relate to the average person. Obama certainly has his faults but I think he's the better candidate. Quite frankly, when it comes to jobs, neither one is going to be able to do anything. Romney seemed like a bully last night. You know he hates women (or certainly doesn't think much of them). SNL will likely have a very funny parody of the way Mitt bounced around uneasy and angry at not being able to continue talking when his time was up. I give Candy Crowley mad props for keeping the both of them in check and being the captain of the ship (unlike Jim Lehrer who sucked). Tell me, James, where were the wealthy in the last ten years??? No jobs so that point is long moot.
James "where were the job creations by the wealthy in the last ten years?" Do you live in the United States? You say: "You know he hates women". Is there really any point of going any further? By the way, Obama talked several minutes longer than Romney according to CNN. Funny how you didn't mention anything about that, OR the fact that Obama ALSO interrupted on several occasions. Over-tax and over regulate business (as the Obama admin has done over four years) and they have to lay people off in order to stay in business. This is second grade economics.
Steve Yes, unfortunately any real jobs created were outsourced to other countries. Where are they here (since the wealthy are so great at creating jobs)? Time was, that statement was true. But the wealthy have created no significant jobs in THIS country in over a decade. The wealthy make THEMSELVES wealthier. That's about it.
James Your source for this information? Care to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the real facts on this? This is exactly why I mentioned the Obama kooliad earlier. Obamamania so clouds the mind that even the governments own statistics are set aside as fake. Unbelievable.

Then the piste de resistance:
Steve Me thinks you will all be very disappointed on the 6th:)
James When Obama loses, Democrats will blame it on racism. Mark my words.
Steve I promise I won't say it's racism. Still looks pretty good for Mr. Obama. Let's face it: Romney will get no Women, Latino, African-American or under 30 vote. That's pretty much most of the country. I honestly don't even believe it will be close. We shall see.
I never did hear back from Steve!

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