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Monday, April 7, 2014

Rush Limbaugh - How Many People Are Signing Up for Obamacare Out of Fear?

4-1-14 - Rush Limbaugh doesn't think the Obamacare enrollment numbers meeting the seven million mark means anything, because, as he asked today, "How many people are signing up because they're doing it out of abject fear of the authorities tracking them down if they don't?"

Limbaugh backed up Ted Cruz's calls to get the entirety of Obamacare repealed, but picked up on one thing Cruz didn't mention. Limbaugh said, "How many of them are signing up out of fear? How many of them think, 'My God, if I don't sign up I gotta pay a penalty or I might go to jail?'"

He slammed the "meaningless" mandate that got delayed and mocked the idea of people being able to claim a "hardship" in order to get a few weeks' extension to enroll. And beyond that, Limbaugh cast doubt on the seven million number by asking how many already had insurance before signing up and how many signed up after their insurance was already canceled.

Credit YouTuber: FasterFirstNews

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