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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MSNBC Hosts Urging Dem to Drop Out of Florida Senate Race!

More Dems thrown under the bus!
"Can you live with your role in helping Rubio win?"

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Carlucci said...

I think you have it backwards. The news anchor was asking if he could live with his role in helping Mark Rubio win. Her implication is that by this Dem being in the race, he splits the Democrat vote with Charlie Crist.

Dittos Rush! said...
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Carlucci said...

Sorry I respectfully disagree. You say they are asking him "Can you live with your role in helping Rubio loose?" but that's not what they are asking him. Read the description from Eyeblast. These MSNBC-ers are trying to PREVENT Rubio (the clear conservative choice in this race) from winning. They know that if Meek stays in, Meek and Crist split the Dem (and RINO) vote and that makes Rubio the winner. If they can convince Meek to leave, then Crist has a chance as an independent to get the Democrat + "moderate republican" vote and win.

Dittos Rush! said...

You're right, I did have it backwards. Thanks for the correction. ;-)

Dittos Rush! said...

Thanks for stopping by Carlucci......and for keeping me on my toes!

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