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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gretchen Carlson and Jay Carney on President Obama's Jobs Speech!

In advance of tonight’s presidential address before a joint session of congress, in which President Obama plans to unveil a new jobs plan to stimulate a stagnant economy, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appeared on Fox and Friends for what turned out to be a spirited discussion with host Gretchen Carlson over the President’s plan. Future historians will likely view the heated exchange as a microcosm of today’s political climate, before shaking their collective heads in disbelief and post-apocalyptic sadness.(http://www.mediaite.com)

Creating jobs that will be paid for? I don't see how fixing some roads is going to pay for itself with increased transportation to the tune of 40% of a trillion dollars! I mean, get real! Repeating the same failed action over and over, expecting a different result, is insane. More so when that action involves astronomical amounts of cash. How about we spend $20,000.00 instead for counseling for President Obama. While we're at it, maybe we could get President Obama into a college level Economics class. YouTuber raymundogard

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