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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Obama Voter and Cheerleader Poop!

There is a photo sailing around the internet from a website called Saturday in Texas.The one on the left shows a cheerleader, I can hardly say it, pooping on her teammates. The photo on the right shows the exact same image in its original form:

Many simple minded people believed this photo to be authentic. Others, who wisely refuse to believe everything they see, performed a simple keyword search on the internet and quickly discovered the truth. So why does this remind me of your average Obama voter? If these same folks did their due diligence in regards to anything Obama says or promises, our country would not currently be on the verge of total collapse. Most everything Obama has attempted has subsequently failed. This is because it's all been attempted before and has always failed. These folks spend a lot of time on the internet. Put it to good use and learn something valuable.

Accept this truth and let's move forward to save America.

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