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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An Inconvenient Question for AL GORE: UFO's

The website davidjr.com asks Al Gore if UFO technology can help save the planet. (Video below)

Perplexing EVERYONE at Newfront was the audience inquiry about alien energy...
and Al Gore's opinion on how it should be used to sustain... something...
I seriously looked around to see if Bruno was making a cameo.
- Just An Online Minute
At the end of his talk, the former vice president was left speechless when one audience member
asked him if he believed that the problem of carbon emissions could be solved by 2029 through
the use of technology coming from UFOs. "No," he said after a long pause. "I do not."
- CNET News
Yet Gore was somewhat thrown by a bizarre environment-related question posed by an audience member at the close of his address.
“Do you believe that the extraterrestrial technology that documents indicate has been discovered at the China lake facility
in California can indeed significantly reduce levels of CO2 as to halt global warming by 2099?” asked the NewFront attendee.
After having the man explain to him that “extraterrestrial” meant UFO, Gore responded, “I personally do not. I don’t.”
- Adweek Media
It was really entertaining listening to Gore and to see him hand-off a question from
a maverick attendee on “Extraterrestrial technology reducing C02 emissions.” Yip you read right!
- The Storyboard

Here's your chance to be part of history:
September 14-16th, 2017, will be the First Annual Devil’s Tower UFO Rendezvous in Hulett, Wyoming. Just like in the science-fiction movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," UFO enthusiasts are headed to a strange geological formation in northeast Wyoming. Devils Tower plays a key role in the well-known UFO film that came out 40 years ago this summer. From Sept. 14-16, Devils Tower will be the site of the first annual Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous. Experts on UFOs will speak at the convention but organizer Brian Olson says there's a fun side, too, with plans for a parade, live music and barbecue cook-off.

Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous
The mission of the Devils Tower UFO Convention & Festival Corporation shall be to bring together a wide variety of social groups with the common interest in learning and education about UFO’s and the celebration of the anniversary of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. It is our intent to gather to further the study and interest of UFO’s while celebrating on an annual basis.

Or...just read a book... 

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